Need more space? Why not go downstairs?

There are many great reasons to consider a full basement conversion and with modern technology and expert installation you can benefit from a clean, dry and warm room that will not only provide extra space but will be seen as a valuable asset when reselling.

Is my basement suitable for conversion?

There are many factors to consider in terms of the suitability of your cellar space for conversion. Our first job is to assess the current state of the basement paying specific attention to issues such as:

  • The level of the ground
  • Evidence of water penetration / damp
  • Understanding where water is going
  • The overall condition of the basement


From here we can create a plan based on the options available. The techniques used to create your basement room depend on the construction of the floor above (wood or concrete) as well as the practical considerations associated to the type of room being constructed.

In order to achieve a useable space we may need to look at lowering the floor, access and how to run key services to the room.

The most important element to any basement conversion is waterproofing. Technically this is known as tanking – the system of protecting your room from any type of water penetration. We have extensive knowledge of tanking systems for basements and can offer a full turnkey service from the initial feasibility report right through to the completed project.