Penetrating Damp

What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating Damp as you may expect is water accessing the fabric of your building and is usually caused by issues such as cracks in brick/block work, failures in pointing, broken gutters/pipework or even defective plumbing.

The tricky part about damp penetration is that it may not be evident from the inside that there is an issue until it’s really bad by which time there may be damage to internal timbers (giving rise to wet rot) and plasterwork as well as other problems such as damp odours and increased heat loss.

How to spot Penetrating Damp

Regular inspections of the exterior of your property are recommended. Here are some of the common signs you may have a penetration damp issue.

  • Damaged or flaking plaster
  • General damp patches on the walls
  • Black mould
  • Damp odour in a room and carried on clothes and soft furnishings
  • Damp timbers
  • Watermarks on exterior masonry

How to treat Penetrating Damp

If you suspect you have Penetrating Damp act now. The problem may have been developing for some time and any delay may make the problem considerably worse and therefore a lot more expensive to cure.

Following our detailed inspection we will suggest ways to cure the problem based on where and how the damp is penetrating. From here we can create a plan which may involve:

  • Stripping back plaster, damaged masonry and timbers
  • Applying salt neutralisers
  • Apply a membrane for additional protection if required
  • Assessing any further issues with the property (damaged pointing/ render)