Tanking / Structural Waterproofing

What is Structural Waterproofing?

Structural Waterproofing is, as it sounds, the process of keeping a building free of damp and water penetration. Commonly associated with basements, structural waterproofing (or Tanking as it’s commonly called) is also necessary where there are differing ground levels such as ground floor dwellings and earth retaining walls.

Quite often structural waterproofing occurs as part of a damp proof solution as a failsafe against damp reoccuring in different places in the same room.

Modern innovations in waterproofing treatments means that the latest chemicals can be applied safely to common brick types. Here at Surrey Hills Preservation we use only the very best products as supplied by Safeguard whose industry leading damp treatment products are amongst the best in the world.

Safeguard products including Dryzone which in the words of the company “has been formulated to form an effective damp-proof course in walls of all types and has been tested under more conditions than any other rising damp treatment on the market.”

Find out more about Safeguard’s impressive line up of damp proofing solutions with these informative videos:


stormdry-logoExternal protection against penetrating damp


dryzone-logo-clearFind out how this damp-proofing cream is used to treat rising damp